Zoning Plan 2013 

Zoning area focussed on heavy industry 

Beatrixhaven is an industrial zoned business park focussed on facilitating heavy industry.

In 2013 a new zoning plan came into effect. In this plan the maximum size and height of a building were determined. It also stipulates what activities are and are not allowed.


Below you will find a selection of rulings that might be important when establishing your business here. This is not a complete overview, please consult the zoning plan for more details


If you are considering to settle on this lot, be sure to contact us early on in this process.

We will then link you to one of our account managers who will, in close cooperation, advise you on the (im)possibilities.


Unlike in regular types of business parks, you will find that in Beatrixhaven pretty much is possible.

Important Zoning Plan Rules 

In general:

  • The maximum building height is restricted to 15 metres
  • The maximum lot occupancy for building is 80%
  • The projectlocation is allocated for industry of environmental category 4.2 to 5.1


More specific zoning codes :

  • Establishing a business is restricted to companies in in the categories 4.2 ≤ b ≤ 5.1
  • Specific type of Industrial park - C
  • Specific value type - archeological zone C


In addition to this the following applies:

  • an environmental zoned industrial park (Art. 27)
  • a wro zone - deviation area (Art. 27)
  • a safety zone - external safeguards (Art. 27)

Furthermore the parking rules of the city council of Maastricht apply.


Please click on the links below for the exact legal planning rules.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details..

We will link you to one of our account managers who will, in close cooperation, advise you on the (im)possibilities.

Links to (part of) the Zoning Plan Rules 

Did you know: 

• Beatrixhaven is the largest trimodal industrial business park of South Limburg?