The industrial revolution in the Netherlands started in ....... Maastricht!  

When several large industries settled in the old Roman city of Maastricht around the 1830's , they changed the city's history from that moment on. Maastricht became the first real industrial city in the Netherlands. It was mainly industrial icon Petrus Regout (1801-1878) that gave Maastricht its new identity. He made good use of the already prior to 1830 implemented conditions which included the construction of a new infrastructure such as the Zuid-Willemsvaart and a new inner harbour.

Made in Maastricht

Maastricht as we know it, has become a very attractive place for entrepreneurs, to settle down, to relax and to live.

In 2013 the counsil of Maastricht decided upon a new economic vision in which there is an strong focus on economic development.


The overall theme: Made in Maastricht!