Testimonials of Entrepreneurs on Industrial Park Beatrixhaven 

Wibo Feijen of Steel Solutions considers himself to be a supply chain manager in the international steel industry. For Steel Solutions Beatrixhaven is an ideal location as there is historically a large steel cluster present. According to him, this is a direct result of the existing excellent multimodal infrastructure. Additionally, the proximity to the large seaports and the hinterland contributes to a favorable business climate.

Sotec Group is a Hi-tech company engaged in engineering and related services.

Ben Linkens and Gillian Lekner agree that 'knowledge' is a key factor for their business. Besides the beautiful surroundings and good infrastructure, this region provides well-qualified staff. In addition, they appreciate the cooperation between the entrepreneurs at Beatrixhaven, and the collaboration with research partners such as RWTH Aachen university and the Limburg Development Company LIOF.

Friso de Vries of Laura Metaal has recently built a large new production hall. He is very satisfied with the cooperation with the City of Maastricht in this investment project.

Furthermore, the excellent business network of Beatrixhaven has proven very beneficial to him.

He also thinks highly of the location and infrastructure, but highlights the fact that this region provides a perfect balance between 'the good live ' and 'a hard day's work'.